by Zeli
This Tuesday, every Tuesday, hooray for Tuesday!

Join us on Teamspeak around 9pm(ish) EST for a game or 3 of PvZGW!

Get the game:
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by Maric

OBT Thursday 4th Sept
Headstart 12th Sept
Launch 16th Sept

by Zeli
Yesterday I was planning on purchasing the cheapest package just to get the 4 days headstart. But my plan was to buy it on Steam... and I guess I've been a bit out of the loop lately because ArcheAge has been completely removed from Steam. There doesn't seem to be any official reason for this except an "error" that they're in talks with to get it fixed as soon as possible. That info was posted on August 27th. I'm really disappointed. I do not like Glyph after the unauthorized purchase attempt on my card happened after entering my information there. I added an authenticator now, but still... I feel better about Steam.

I may not make the 4 day headstart if it's not back on Steam in time.
by Maric
1) Do you think that Camelot Unchained’s open world RvR is the same thing as open world, FFA PvP? It isn’t of course. Like Air Warrior, Dark Age of Camelot and other games, open world RvR is still realm-based. Everybody in your Realm has reasons to be your friend/helper/aid and very little reason TBAD. J Thus, it should be easier to make friends, guilds, etc. work together. Cooperation is a necessary element of this game, even more so than Dark Age of Camelot since the focus is on RvR almost exclusively and there are few, if any, quests/drops for people of the same Realm to compete with. Now, it’s not all “happy clappy land” for a Realm but we are trying to design a game which rewards intra-Realm cooperation more than even a great game like Dark Age of Camelot.

2) Do you enjoy crafting? If you do, our world’s economy is almost all player-driven. We have said we reserve the right to add some items for new players and in the event that one side is drastically outnumbered. But, if things are working well, our crafters will be an invaluable part of the game.

3) Do you like gathering, mining, etc. and don’t mind taking some risks while doing so? Well, that’s also an integral part of our game.

4) Could you see yourself being an expert maker of traps to help out in RvR even if you don’t participate? Well, as per above, that is part of our design goals.

5) Are you focused more on helping your Realm win versus keeping track of and evaluating each kill, raid, etc. that you participate in to map your quickest way to level? Being part of our world means that you will be well-rewarded for helping to defend areas, not just taking them. Would you like to play a guard who sits atop a building, keeping a watchful eye on what is going on but still be rewarded for that? If so, that’s part of the progression system we talked about during the BSC Daze.

6) Would you like to participate in RvR-based NPC killing? No, this is not raiding and there are no drops nor direct leveling (no exp.) from killing the NPCs in The Depths but taking control of that place is a major plus for your Realm. So, somebody needs to kill the guardians and the spirits of other players that are floating around.

7) Do you want to be part of a Community/game that wants to emphasize the importance of Realm and Server Pride from the olden days? J If so, great! That is why the races and Realms are being designed the way they are and there won’t be any epic-mega-ginormous server to rule them all.

8) Do you want to play a game where there are no mirrored classes? Where racial and Realm differences matter? Well, those are two of the key foundations for our game.

9) Finally (at least for now), would you like a combat/magic system that is different from most MMORPGs? If so, please check out how we are trying to do things different with the crafting of abilities for all our classes.

How’s that for now? I could talk about a lot of other things but frankly, those are many of the important points for a PvE-focused player(s) that might still be interest you.

Thanks for your interest, even if you don’t decide to try Camelot Unchained! Maybe next time?

Have a great weekend!

by Aberrant

I am participating in a run at the Grand Rapids Marathon Relay on Sunday, October 19th. I am raising money for a cause that is very important to me, to support individuals with disabilities as they work towards establishing their own micro enterprise. This is through the MARO foundation, which I have been involved with for several years. They are a fantastic organization that helps individuals with disabilities throughout Michigan. I was fortunate enough to graduate from their Leadership Program, so I would love to give back in any way I can.


re:con - the convention of new beginnings, brings together hundreds of attendees from across Michigan, engaging people committed to removing barriers, restarting lives, & restoring community.

One of the features of this event is a Micro Enterprise Mall - an exhibit area for small businesses owned and operated by people with disabilities, selling products and marketing services. A scholarship fund has been developed to support these consumer entrepreneurs - your contribution helps create opportunities for people with barriers to community access, and move us closer to a truly inclusive community. We appreciate your consideration and support.

Your Support Makes a Difference

MARO has assembled two relay teams to participate in the Grand Rapids Marathon. As we train, the team is raising money for this scholarship fund. Each scholarship covers the re:con exhibit fee, and overnight accommodations at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel for the micro enterprise owner.

If you would like to help my fundraising efforts, there are several ways you can. They have a PayPal link, or if you prefer to avoid putting any information online, I have a form you can complete and send in a check.

Support our teams online with a credit card: [CLICK HERE]

Donate by check by downloading this donation form: [CLICK HERE]

I will likely be posting this repeatedly over the next few months on various social media, so bear with me! My goal is to raise at least $600, and I would really like to help this fantastic cause out!

Thank you!

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