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FXX will air 277 straight hours of the hit cartoon, plus the 2007 movie, starting this Thursday

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Introducing Oort Online, a new multiplayer sandbox game from Wonderstruck.

Currently in pre-alpha, using crowd-funding to unlock each phase of development.
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For some time has been talking about doing this, and thanks to Hitbox offering the ability to create teams, it might be a possibility to actually get this started. As a result went ahead and registered an Alliance of Awesome Extra Life team, and has created a spreadsheet to track sign-ups for the marathon. If folks take two to three hour blocks of stream time this will be manageable. The hope is to get some of our euro friends to take some of the non-US prime-time hours. Worse case scenario some of the night owls can hopefully fill in those blocks of time. 25 hours of gaming is a wholly insurmountable task for one, but if we take 2-3 hours at a time we can do it extremely well.

What is Extra Life?

Extra Life Team Sign-up Page

Hitbox Team Page

Time Block Sign-Up Spreadsheet

You all should have the ability to edit your time blocks.

Here is hoping this works well!
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Thanks to we have a hitbox team for the Alliance of Awesome gaming community. With recent Twitch events, Hitbox has gotten considerably more popular. If you would like to be a member of the team you need to do two simple things.

1) Be an active member of the Alliance of Awesome community over here: Anook/AofA
2) Post your hitbox user name so can throw you an invite here:

Link to the team:

Most of us are extremely irregular streamers, but it still seems awesome to be able to have a team together.
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To be a part of the community, simply visit the forum, register and participate in discussions & games with us.

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