by Zeli
I had a really good time in WoW the other night goofing around with gnomes. I know not everyone was excited about being gnomes though. Would anyone be interested in a weekly dungeon group? I think it could be fun if 5 of us started at level 15ish and we stuck together each week for dungeon runs.

We're playing on Argent Dawn / Alliance.

List of dungeons:

I hear it's possible to level completely through dungeons starting at level 15, so we would only play these characters together. You would play something else the rest of the week so that we all stay at the same levels. We log in at a specific day and time and queue as a premade group for dungeons for our levels. It will mean that we will be repeating dungeons though. If you miss a week, you may have to play to catch up to the group for the next week so keep that in mind.

Post if you're interested and we can work out days/times and classes. Looks like we have a full group of interested people.

1. Aberrant: Mage (dps)
2. Saia: Monk (healer)
3. Slurms: Paladin (off tank/off heal)
4. Zeli: Shaman (dps)
5. hardwayes: Rogue or Warrior

Tips I found:

Tanks: Put a skull on what you're killing.
Healers: Set tank as your forcus target.
DPS: Follow that tank, but get that healer's back.

by Maric
Sooo... I am not a griefer in the least. However I love the added excitement of playing on PvP servers. It adds a whole new dimension to the game.

In the case of H1Z1, being a huge Walking Dead fan, I have really enjoyed playing on PvP servers. I have encountered far more good people that bad. Actually, I've only been killed by another player once (I've killed no one so far). But since zombies are not enough of a threat, coming across another person and trying to size them up before making the decision to proactively defend myself makes the game much more enjoyable for me.

Is everyone playing this game PvE? Coming from DayZ, I guess I expected that a vast majority of people would be playing H1Z1 on PvP servers. PvP is really the heart of the game, because it adds the element of split second decision making, fight or flight, etc.

Basically I'm looking for people who want to play on PvP servers that aren't out to kill others, but to survive together against zombies, griefers, etc.

Let me know if interested and we'll organize something. If I don't hear back I'll assume I'm in this alone!


by Zeli
Share your info here for Blizzard / friend connections

: Jabberant#1268
: GrldCheese28#1674
: Banafys#1376
: Belghast#1752
: Cav#1440
: Destroid#1126
: donalex76#1825
: Ellianna#1174
: GhloreMac#1133
: Grok#1976
: Zymurgy#1832
: Mongoose#1544
: fluxay#1134
: Maric#1176
: Yeti#1269
: MMOGC#1984
: Nefertiti#1619
: Pandalishus#1394
: Pazzolupo#1551
: Gears#1515
: Prospero#1843
: Raizir#1832
: Rer#1880
: Saia#1456
: Scarybooster#1628
: Scopique#1180
: sinnen#1538
: Slurms#1482
: Solvanirn#1826
: SwedeBoy#1107
: Kungfumantis#1546
: tententacles#1978
: Trapsinger#1501
: Vejuz#1449
: Vunter#1580
: wininoid#1380
: Wrewdinge#1429
: zelibeli#1826

by Zeli

"Now, finally, it's confirmed: Bethesda Softworks has announced that the game's subscription will cease as of March, at which point it will be known as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited."

I liked this game and I can't ever explain why I stopped playing it. I even paid for months that I didn't ever log in. I'm kinda happy it's going sub-free. I'd like to check it out again, but I know I wouldn't resub.

by Zeli
I find that this is good to keep up on the other monitor:

and here's a guide to emotes:

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