by Aberrant
I am in love with this game. I have it for Xbox One, and just picked it up for PC.

Anyone playing?
by Maric
If you enjoy open world PvP MMORPG and would like to help test an upcoming fantasy MMO I have a couple of keys. Game is in early stages, small budget but a major license.

Please only request if you honestly are a PvP fan. Post here and claim and as long as you're legit I'll get the info to you by tomorrow evening (Friday).


(When I say legacy, I mean you were a Member prior to this post being created) :P

by Zeli
A source:
This is kinda covered all over the place... because Minecraft.

Some changes:

  • Sheep now give meat. Previously they only gave wool.

  • There are rabbits! and they give meat.

  • There are new block types: Granite, Andesite, and Diorite, Red Sandstone, Coarse Dirt, and a Slime block

  • Prismarine and Sea Lantern blocks

  • Two new enemy mobs: Underwater Guardian and the teleporting Endermite.

  • New dungeon: Ocean Monument

  • New Iron Trapdoor.

  • Banners, Armor Stands

  • Villagers now harvest and plant crops.

  • Mossy Cobblestone and Mossy Stone Bricks are craftable

  • Chiseled Stone Bricks are now craftable.

  • Doors and fences now come in all wood types (THANK YOU!)

  • There's a spectator game mode.

And lots and lots and lots of other stuff!
by Maric
Ok so the guild I was running with in Alpha is very much still active. They just rehomed their website without telling me. :P

Very organized and super knowledgeable about all things Archeage. My experience has been very positive with them. They are very much like MP folk.

Website is now being driven by Enjin and their TS server is also launched by Enjin. TS is pretty much required with some exceptions. But during critical events like Trade Routes it is very necessary to be using TS to coordinate.

I spoke with Hawking, the guild lead and advised he might be seeing application from MP members.

Info on the guild here: Archeage Forums Greymoon Trading Co

Official Enjin site Greymoon Enjin Site

Easiest if you log into Enjin then goto the site. It's kind of wonky but I figured it out. If you do wish to Apply but have any trouble please let me know. Also if you apply and want to post your name here I will make sure Hawking knows you are a referral.

Any questions let me know!

by Aberrant

I am participating in a run at the Grand Rapids Marathon Relay on Sunday, October 19th. I am raising money for a cause that is very important to me, to support individuals with disabilities as they work towards establishing their own micro enterprise. This is through the MARO foundation, which I have been involved with for several years. They are a fantastic organization that helps individuals with disabilities throughout Michigan. I was fortunate enough to graduate from their Leadership Program, so I would love to give back in any way I can.


re:con - the convention of new beginnings, brings together hundreds of attendees from across Michigan, engaging people committed to removing barriers, restarting lives, & restoring community.

One of the features of this event is a Micro Enterprise Mall - an exhibit area for small businesses owned and operated by people with disabilities, selling products and marketing services. A scholarship fund has been developed to support these consumer entrepreneurs - your contribution helps create opportunities for people with barriers to community access, and move us closer to a truly inclusive community. We appreciate your consideration and support.

Your Support Makes a Difference

MARO has assembled two relay teams to participate in the Grand Rapids Marathon. As we train, the team is raising money for this scholarship fund. Each scholarship covers the re:con exhibit fee, and overnight accommodations at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel for the micro enterprise owner.

If you would like to help my fundraising efforts, there are several ways you can. They have a PayPal link, or if you prefer to avoid putting any information online, I have a form you can complete and send in a check.

Support our teams online with a credit card: [CLICK HERE]

Donate by check by downloading this donation form: [CLICK HERE]

I will likely be posting this repeatedly over the next few months on various social media, so bear with me! My goal is to raise at least $600, and I would really like to help this fantastic cause out!

Thank you!

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