The Final Episodes Schedule (Multiplaying --> The MMO Show) by Zeli
The final episode of Multiplaying has been scheduled for June 19th (FRIDAY). We've switched it from Thursday to a Friday for this special episode because we'd like to make sure we don't rush the evening. We would like to encourage anyone who has ever been on the show, or ever wanted to be on the show, the opportunity to come on and say your farewells, share a memory, say how long you've been listening and what the show has meant to you, or tell us hurry up and end this mess already. To do this, simply email [email protected] your Skype info and be in our live twitch channel at the time of the show (9PM EASTERN). If you're unable to make the live show, you can still record and email us a .wav file to use in the final edited show if you'd like.

Hope to see you all in the twitch channel next Friday night!


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