Multiplaying is a part of TGEN! by Zeli

Most of you know (YOU SHOULD KNOW!) that the Multiplaying podcast has recently returned to active duty (heh …duty), and as part of this we support gaming/geeky blogs, podcasts, shows, twitch streams, youtube channels, etc. in our own special, least-amount-of-effort-as-possible way. But out of a fear of association, finding great content creators that are willing to even have their name mentioned by us is difficult. We, here at Multiplaying, understand and respect these high standards, although we also think their being kinda turdy about the whole thing… So you can imagine our surprise when we were asked to join The Gaming and Entertainment Network (TGEN)!

TGEN is a nexus of gaming and geekery podcasting greatness, including shows like Aggrochat, Battle Bards, Beyond Bossfights, Cat Context, Contains Moderate Peril, Couch Podtatoes, Massive Failure, Roleplay Domain, and TGEN Tribunal, just to name a few of all of them. Their commitment to supporting those in the podcasting and gaming entertainment community combined with an honest and fun atmosphere in each show, made joining TGEN an easy decision for us. We look forward to being a part of the network and encourage you to give each of the shows a listen.

And if clicking on and subing to all of those individually seems like a lot of work, don't worry! They have this super handy dandy way to subscribe all of the shows at once: iTunes . Stitcher . RSS

Multiplaying is a casual gaming community of adults that are gaming as life allows.

Multiplaying is also a podcast. We generally focus on multiplayer online gaming, especially PC games and MMORPGs. If you would like more information or to request a guest spot, please contact us by E-mail at [email protected]

We invite you to be a part of the community. Simply register and participate in discussions.

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